The New Organic Waffle Deluxe Moses Basket
Organic Deluxe Moses Basket

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Designer Black and white
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Baby Trenz is the home of Designer Moses Baskets


All our Moses baskets are designed in New Zealand with exceptional attention to detail and utilizing materials of the highest quality.  Moses baskets are very versatile, very light and portable.  You can have baby with you wherever you are in the home or away, baby always has his/her own bed.  Combine your Moses basket with a stand and you have a bassinet.Organic waffle moses basket rocker stand

Here at Baby Trenz we offer all of the components necessary to create your heirloom Baby Moses baskets. Natural handcrafted Moses baskets, mattresses, fitted sheets and stands are available and affordable.  Lined designer Moses baskets come in a variety of designs and styles including an Organic Waffle Range to meet each distinctive taste and budget.


Please take the time to have a look at some of the range of Baby Trenz designer baskets available and feel free to Contact Us with any queries you might have.


View a selection from our range of designer Moses Baskets....

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Organic waffle moses basket oz stand 1   organic nz stand   Organic waffle moses basket rocker stand

Waffle Moses Basket with OZ Stand



Waffle Moses Basket with NZ Stand



Waffle moses basket with rocker stand




Organic Waffle Moses Basket

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SK HC002B BeechChair withTray Side 1 500
The Organic Waffle Pod

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NZ Made



Solid Wood Highchairs

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The lowdown on Baby Trenz Moses Baskets

A Moses Basket is an ideal first bed for your newborn. Affordable, Cosy and snug


Our Moses Baskets are constructed of Straw and Maize fibre, or the New Ecobub Moses Basket is constructed from Paper Rope and are all totally chemical free. A Moses Basket has an open weave so is naturally ventilated so air flow can help regulate temperature around your baby. This makes a safe and secure environment for baby.

Baby Trenz linen is all New Zealand made.


Moses baskets are very versatile, very light and portable you can have baby with you wherever you are in the home or away.


A Moses Basket is suitable for a baby from birth till approx four to six months (depending on length and growth) or until baby can roll over unaided or pull themselves up on their hands and knees, after that time they need to be in a cot with the side up for safety.


What is the benefit of a Baby Trenz Natural wool mattress?

All Baby Trenz Moses baskets come with or have the option to upgrade to our fantastic wool mattress these are made with Soft, small clusters of pure New Zealand wool which are encased in luxurious natural cotton cover, 300 threads per inch. An exceptionally comfortable, safe and healthy alternative to synthetic fill the combination of the cotton and wool cluster fill discourages dust mites, reducing the risk for allergy and asthma sufferers

Apart from discouraging dust mites, reducing the risk for allergy and asthma sufferers. Newborn babies have trouble regulating body temperature and nothing beats the superiority of wool for absorbing body moisture and regulating body temperature. Air is allowed to circulate between the soft wool knops, keeping baby warm and dry without overheating. Baby Trenz Moses Basket mattresses are handmade in New Zealand. A wool mattress also provides support, and does not place undue pressure on the back of baby's spine and developing head.


What to look for when buying a Moses Basket

Make sure the Moses basket has a sturdy bottom and a wide base (a wide base is very important for safety, and there are some baskets around that are very narrow, and baby outgrows these narrow baskets alot quicker than a wider moses baskets so check the width of the sleeping surface).

The main thing to look at when purchasing a Moses Basket is that for safety, it is a must that the handles meet in the middle when lifted (some baskets have very small handles that don’t meet in center and have been proven to be a safety issue) Baby Trenz baskets all have handles that meet in the middle.

The Moses basket must have a firm mattress that fits snugly. At Baby Trenz we make our own wool mattresses or have made for us environmentally friendly foam mattresses here in New Zealand.

Ensure that if you are using with a basket liner that it has a fitted base to safely anchor the liner under the mattress for safety.

A Moses Basket is the perfect Bassinet substitute

Portable, practical and 100% Natural.

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range of certified organic
waffle towels, blankets and linen

Abby in organic waffle hooded towel

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We will dispatch your order within 24 hrs (excluding weekends and public holidays), in the unlikely event your order is unable to be dispatched within this timeframe we will contact you explaining the delay.


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What our customers have to say...

Hi Baby Trenz team,

I just wanted to email to advise that your beautiful Moses basket and stand arrived here at work this morning, in perfect condition.


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