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Natural Wool Mattress
NZ $85.00

Mattress Size

Natural Wool Mattress


These are made from 100% NZ wool, encased with 100% cotton and are hand quilted to keep baby's spine straight & comfortable and to stop the wool from clumping. No rubber or cotton fillers; just pure wool! These wool filled bassinet mattresses are brand new, custom made to fit the basket perfectly - the best money can buy available only at Baby Trenz and a few select retailer of the Baby Trenz brand
This makes a wonderful gift for a new baby.

If your Baby Basket is not a BABY TRENZ Moses Basket, our mattress may Not fit.
Please call us to discuss. Ph 09 2390060
Please see Customer services for return Policy,

**Please do choose carefully, as we will give a credit note for a returned Mattress. **

Approx size 71cm by 35cm (This is the size for standard Moses basket)

We also do a mattress for the Eco Bub basket that is approx 73cm by 32cm


Please, Air out regularly,in a shaded area,  also, 'Karate Chop" and smooth out, from middle to outer edge to prevent clumping.
DO NOT put in direct sunlight.

***Please note with a new wool mattress, when not in use may have a wool smell.  This is completely normal and safe for Baby, with use this will go***

For more information on the Benefits of the Wool Mattress click on the above Help/FAQ's

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